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I managed to scrape through my physiology re-sit and so find myself back at Trinity for my second year of Clinical Speech and Language Studies. I consider passing that physiology exam the greatest triumph of my life so far, surpassing winning the Meteor Music award and getting my drivers licence.

As part of our first year course, we had to do a ten day placement working in the community. One of my favourite authors, Henri Nouwen had written of his experiences with the L’Arche Community and I had wanted an opportunity to spend some time there. So I was delighted when they invited me to live in one of their community houses and be part of their lives for a short period at the end of the summer.

In looking back at my brief time with L’Arche Ireland, I found the term “intellectual disability” to be meaningless, the experience of living to be heightened in every way when it occurs in close contact with others and that truth, beauty, anger and pain appear in unexpected places. There was also a lot of laughter there. I want to thank everyone who made me so welcome in the community and for anyone wanting to experience L’Arche for themselves, click here

Beast of Ballyhoura up-date

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A quick up-date on the Beast of Ballyhoura race. I should have trained more…

It was great fun and even though I had to pull out of the race at half past midnight with tendonitis in my knees, I felt quite proud of myself for getting that far. Some of the more memorable parts of the race were a panic stricken two minutes on the mountain, surrounded in mist, not able to see or hear any of my team mates and knowing that all my survival gear was in other people’s rucksacks. Eating all my food an hour after starting the race and realizing I would have to go hungry for the next twenty hours. (No Centra). Gorgeous cameramen. The feeling of euphoria when I climbed into Martin’s truck out of the rain and the dark and didn’t have to walk any more. Waking up the next day and wondering if I would ever walk again. And being surrounded by lots of very fit men.

the Beast has been spotted roaming the airwaves…

Its on the following times on Setanta Sports Ireland

Monday 1st Oct. 6pm-6.30pm
Saturday 27th Oct. 9am-9.30am
Tuesday 30th Oct. 1pm -1.30pm

And on Setanta Sports 1.

Sunday 7th Oct. 9.30am -10
Thursday 18th Oct. 10am-10.30
Monday 22nd Oct. 10am-10.30
Tuesday 30th Oct. 19.00pm-19.30pm

Also go to http://www.ballyhourabeast.com/ to see a very short film on the race, made by Fogarty Films

If you want to know more about finer points of the race from someone who actually finished it, click here

Huge thank you to Damien Hackett and Outsider Magazine, Charlie and the Great Outdoors Store in Chatham St., Gearoid Towey, Vanessa Lawrenson, Martin Towey, my lovely teammates Paddy, Trev and Aiden and to all the people at Ballyhoura who made it such a fantastic event to be a part of. Also, anyone needing a highly competent physiotherapist should contact Aiden Woods at the Pearse St. Medical Clinic. He taught me how to walk again.

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