The Nines

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Thanks to Cathering Donovan who sent this comment in. I hadn’t known the song was being used. Very exciting. Now I just need a song on Gray’s Anatomy or Scrubs or something.

“I was watching an American film called ‚ÄòThe Nines‚Äô recently and almost yelped when I heard the strains of your version of ‚ÄòSugartown‚Äô in the background during a scene (I get overly-excited by such things). Whoever put the soundtrack together had excellent taste because Pink Martini also featured – it‚Äôs the first time I‚Äôve heard either of you featured on a film and the latter was interesting in itself, too. I hope it brings you new fans. Looking forward to the new album and the upcoming tour (don‚Äôt forget to stop over in Cork!), and best of luck with any upcoming exams”


Move over there Bruce Springsteen…

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Andy Lock sent this in to the guestbook, but I thought it should have front page status…Thanks Andy (and Colin). Apparently David Baddiel is a bit of a fan as well.

“There I was, reading ‚ÄòMurphy‚Äôs Revenge‚Äô, by Colin Bateman, and on Page 39 I came across the following paragraph:
‘When he was cleaned up and dressed he walked back into the lounge, took off the Springsteen and replaced it with an album by Juliet Turner. She was from his neck of the woods, and sounded like it. No mid-Atlantic accent for her. There was something very soothing about her voice, like she’d been badly hurt by someone but had crawled her way back to life and was happy now, but couldn’t help looking back. Whatever. It worked for him.’
Later in the book he puts the album on in his car”

New Album

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A release date of June 6th has been set for the new album. Tour dates are being slotted in over the summer so please click on the calender for further details. More information will be given on the album and the first single on this site closer to the release date.

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