I received an email from Louis McCullagh, who directed the short film “Call Me Son”. The film is about a young boy in the care system and is doing really well in film festivals around the world. Little bits of my song “Pick A Story” were used in the film. Click on the link to find out more about the film “Call Me Son”

“Call Me Son is screening at Galway film festival this Saturday at
9.30am. It has also been selected for FilmStock in London. That now
makes 10 International Festival selections where the film has been in

Recently it screened in ReelHeART Toronto. I was there. The audiences
loved it, like Phoenix in Arizona there were lots of laughs at all
the right moments.

I was interviewed on Toronto radio and told them why I made it and
various stories about the making of the film. The festival had a host
of emails requesting another screening.

Call Me Son was the film most requested by the audiences to be seen
again. It was shown a third time on the closing night. Ciaran was
also nominated for Best Actor (well deserved as we all know).

The film won 2 awards 1. Spirit of the Festival (for all the above)
and 2. Was Runner up in the Best Short Film category.

Quite a few local film makers commented on the camera work, so well
done Angus and Martin. The music was also a favourite, regarding as
hugely appropriate and beautiful.

Ouat Media have taken copies and are considering distribution.

So we did our selves proud. Carl was a very strong character who
audiences have taken to their hearts, as you know that was always my
aim. Ciaran is definitely our own superstar.

The website got 100’s of hits during the Toronto festival”.