I received this email from a friend of mine Brian O’Sullivan who has set up a programme working with children in Belarus who are still dealing with the aftereffects of the chernobyl explosion (of course nuclear power stations are a good idea…). If anyone out there is interested, contact him through the website listed below and find out more.

Brian writes…
“I was in Belarus in early Jan and had meetings with the goverment over there, since then what began as an idea has now snowballed in a fantastic programme and is really taking structure!

We are currently recruiting physiotherapists and occupational therapists especially those experienced in the area of intellectual disability. Our first programme will run for the month of august with initial assessments and training sessions in a children’s orphanage. We are also hoping to give an occupational therapist seminar in a rehabilitation centre in the capital city, Minsk.

We will promoting the project on a national level in the coming weeks but i would really appreciate if you could promote it and the need for the above mentioned to get involved.All interested can contact this email address.

We are also in the process of employing people qualified in massage to work with children that wouldn’t get the opportunity otherwise.

Thanks a million,

Burren Chernobyl Director