Roisin Ingle at the Irish Times wrote –

For my inaugural Cork run I choose the Juliet Turner album People Have Names. I head off, down the hotel driveway out the gate and down a country lane. Then I turn a corner and suddenly I am jogging around what looks like a lake but what I find out later is the River Lee.

“I am looking out at the still water, listening to Turner and I get a sense of something incredible. I am enjoying this. I am clearly rubbish at it but in this moment and for perhaps the first time this running business feels right.

A song comes on called The Elder of the Tribe: Take care of your lovely young life. It’s all that you get, you don’t get no more . . .”

I’m constantly questioning my motives for running but now I realise that this lyric might say something about what I am trying to do here. And I discover something else on this new path: I can run and cry at the same time”