If anyone is interested in the story behind “Trickster”, click here

Also, you could google the Dublin Improv Society and have a read of Lewis Hyde’s book “Trickster”.

A nice review of the new album in the Irish Times this morning, four stars. ****.

“Just as Juliet Turner’s palate for life’s salty and salty moments has evolved, so her palette of sound has rumbled onwards as well, and her appreciation for life’s minor chords has grown. The title track (left to the end of the album, where it can seep into the subconscious) is a thought provoking meditation on life’s defining qualities: “It’s the work of a life time to love and be loved in return, to love to the end”. Lyrically, Turner’s attention turns to the big and small ticket stories; loneliness (Tuesday Night Ladies), romance (High Hopes) and the contradictions of youth and age (The Elder of the Tribe). Arrangements are spacious and unforced, with suitably tinted brass and strings, and Turner’s wisdom in letting her cds percolate for olympian periods is palpable on this gloriously taut collection”.