Common and Exotic Greyhound Bet Types

Wagering on Greyhound races has long been a favoured pastime of Australian sports fans. After all, this country boasts tracks as famous as Armidale, Broken Hill, Cowra, Gosford, and Wentworth Park. Online bookmakers have ensured that there are numerous markets available for bettors interested in engaging with this age-old sport.

Common Greyhound Racing Stakes

  • Win

This is the simplest bet and requires only that you choose a dog to finish in first place.

  • Place

Select an animal to place first or second. Although the odds are better than the Win wager, the payouts are lower as a result.

  • Show

Pick out a dog to end up in the top three positions. Again, the odds here will be better than Win or Place stakes, so the payouts for these common bets are the lowest.

  • Across the Board

This wager combines the Win, Place, and Show. You’ll still be singling out a single dog, and if it wins you will collect on all three stakes. If the animal comes in second, you will only receive a payout on the Place and Show bets, and if it ends up in third place, you’ll only see a return from the Show wager.

Exotic Greyhound Racing Stakes

  • Quinella

Choose two dogs to finish in first and second place. The order they end up in doesn’t matter as long as they’re both in the top two positions.

  • Exacta

Similar to the Quinella, but the finishing order matters. Select two dogs to win the first and second place and if they end up in the order you predicted you’ll collect.

  • Trifecta

Pick out three dogs to finish in the first three positions in a specific order.

  • Superfecta

Single out four dogs to finish in the first four positions in a fixed order.

  • The Daily Double

A first-place bet covering two distinct races. Usually refers to the first two races scheduled for that day. When it covers three races instead of two it’s called a Pick 3 and you also get Pick 4s and Pick 6s.

  • Jackpots

This wager is not always available, but certain tracks allow for it. It generally involves a rolling prize and is linked to winning a Pick 6 stake. The Jackpot keeps rolling over until someone manages to correctly predict the ending six positions of a race and then they’ll collect the whole pot. These prizes can get enormous because Pick 6s have such long odds associated with them.

  • Boxing Bets

Boxing wagers refers to a tactic available to bettors when they have a good idea of how several dogs will perform but aren’t comfortable about specific place finishes. These stakes can be placed on Quinealls, Superfectas, and Trifectas.

So, you could, for example, Box six dogs on a Trifecta bet and if three of your choices finish in the top three positions, you’ll win. You can Box as many as eight dogs, but remember, the more animals you Box, the more your wager is going to cost.