Developing Your Own Sports Betting System

The idea of a sports betting system that helps you see more wins seems simple enough. If you’re flipping a coin to choose game outcomes, you should win roughly 50% of the time. But when you factor in bookmakers’ juice, you would need to be correct 52% to 53% of the time to see a profit. So your sports wagering scheme needs to enable you to beat a coin toss by 2% to 3%.

These estimates only cover Spread Betting and Totals, but the concept remains the same if you’re wagering on Money lines. The percentages will vary depending on who you back, the favourites or the underdogs. But to see profit in the long-term, all you really need is a plan that works a little better than a coin flip!

What is a Betting System?

Betting schemes can be defined as structures set up to predict how sports events will turn out. The goal is to create a framework where you enter information in and see results that help you win more, more often and save you time.

It can really be anything that is time-efficient and gives you an edge. And even if it takes a little longer, but you’re winning more, you’re still winning more!

Statistics Are Your Friend

The basis for any sports betting system that works is statistics, good news because we now have access to more information and tools than ever before. You can easily access huge amounts of data and hoard further numbers by using different equations and analyses with them.

One way to begin is to start collecting and learning about how to better use information than sportsbooks do. New models are being developed on an almost daily basis, some created by bettors themselves, but many for other reasons too, like investments.

The market has rapidly brought new kinds of analyses to other popular sports that you could definitely use. Wins Above Replacement in Baseball is a pretty new stat model that you can use to evaluate players, for example.

Most bettors are losing money in the long run because they’re not picking game outcomes any better than the results of a coin flip. They’re using only basic statistics when evaluating games. And if you don’t want to see the same results as these guys, don’t do the same things they do!

Become a Hoarder

 When you’re starting to build your own betting system, collect as much information as you can. Then work at figuring out how to use this data to create more. You can use computer spreadsheets to analyse and collect information and we recommend you do. Learn how to build formulas in the database software you’ve chosen so you can tailor it to crunch the numbers you need in less time.

Start by gathering every piece of statistical data that comes to mind. There’s no such thing as too much. You are going to be testing many things and you can create formulas that use just what you need to run current tests.