A Clear Introduction to Yahtzee Slot Game

There have been a variety of popular Monopoly titles created by innovative casino games developer WMS Gaming, and they’ve turned their attention to another family board game with their Yahtzee slot. Using five reels with three windows each, the Yahtzee slot has a simple layout, but the exquisitely detailed symbols, bold colours, spot-on musical accompaniment and varied bonus features, all qualities that WMS is well known for, make it anything but dull.

A Riot of Eye-Catching Icons

Using the colours and style of a dice game American families have enjoyed since the 1940s, Yahtzee slot is a riot of bright symbols related to board game nights: there’s pizza, popcorn, a soft drink, three different Yahtzee-playing couples, and three different Yahtzee board-game boxes.

Graphics and animations have a cheerful 70s cartoony feel to them; the Wild, for example, is a Yahtzee dice cup, spiralling up towards the viewer in a shower of stars. The two Bonus icons are likewise explosive dice graphics.

Wild Multiplier Increases All Wild Wins

Yahtzee slot has quirky bonus features like all WMS titles: four in total, including the Jackpot. The first relates to the Wild. Whenever a Wild forms part of a winning payline, the game defaults to a second screen, and random dice are multiplied by each other to come up with a total multiplier, which is then applied to any winning paylines featuring the Wild.

Bonus Game Give Player Choices

The Yahtzee Bonus icon, five Yahtzee dice in a green flash, only appears on Reel 5 of the slot, but top NZ online pokies players only need one to trigger a bonus game. However, every time the Bonus icon appears, a multiplier ladder above the reels advances one step, up to a maximum of five. So although players can start the bonus game any time this icon appears, the multiplier will return to its lowest setting afterwards.

Instead, a patient player will wait for this feature to reach the top level, at which point it is triggered automatically, and play their Yahtzee Bonus game with the best multiplier. The bonus gives the player five dice, and they get three rolls to try to make five of a kind, aka Yahtzee. They can hold matching dice while they re-roll the others, and payouts start at three of a kind. However, the WMS bonus guarantee means the player still gets a minimum multiplier of the triggering bet, even if they throw only pairs in all three rolls.

4 To A Yahtzee Free Roll Bonus

This slot title at the best online casino features a second Bonus icon: five dice exploding from the word Roll. If five of these come up on one payline, the 4 To A Yahtzee bonus activates. The player is presented with four matching dice already rolled, and must roll the fifth die to see if they can make Yahtzee. If they win, they are paid a prize and get one more roll of all five dice right here.

If this second roll produces a natural Yahtzee, while playing at the maximum bet, the player wins the Jackpot. The Jackpot can also be triggered at maximum bet during the Yahtzee Bonus game, if the player gets Yahtzee in the first two rolls. It is also possible on any Yahtzee Bonus that was triggered by five repeated Bonus icons, no matter what bet level the player is at.