A Glance at Conan the Barbarian Online Slots

Cryptologic’s Conan the Barbarian online slots is based in the fantasy world of the Hyborian Age. This vanished age is set between the sinking of Atlantis and the rise of our known ancient societies. Conan, the main character in this epic, is a giant of man with a prowess for battle, thievery, and a constant need for daring escapades.

The art style for Conan the Barbarian online slots game is bright, vibrant and eye-catching. This comic-style of illustration is the perfect match for the pulse-raising tales from the days of high adventure.

Players can enjoy 5 reels, 9 paylines, a progressive jackpot and bonus features in this game.

Conan the Barbarian Reel Symbols

There are five characters from the world of Conan, which are featured in the game as symbols. The first is Tamara, Conan’s powerful and beautiful mistress. Then there’s Thulsa Doom, the evil snake king and arch enemy of our hero. The ruthless and maniacal wizard Thoth-Amon is the third symbol. A striking, golden helmet is the fourth, and a blood-soaked Conan the Barbarian, sword in hand, is the final. He serves as the wild symbol.

Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten make up the rest of the symbols. In keeping with the theme, each of these symbols is surrounded in a spatter of blood.

Scatter Symbol

The Conan symbol serves as a scatter symbol in this online casino slot. They award large multipliers and three or more of them trigger the bonus feature’s Cave of Skulls. 4 scatters on the reels will result in a 20x multiplier, while 3 scatters will result in a 5x multiplier and 1 scatter will result in a 1x multiplier. If a player puts down the maximum bet of $45 and gets 5 scatters, they will be winning $4,500 – that’s a 100x multiplier!

Bonus Features

Conan the Barbarian online slot features a bonus game called Cave of Skulls. To access this bonus game, the player needs 3 or more scatter game logos to appear. In this bonus game, a selection of creepy skulls is hung on chains in front of the player in a dark cavern. The player then gets to tell Conan which skull to chop down with his mighty sword.

The process continues with the player winning prizes until they pick the wrong one, and the skull starts to wildly cackle. The player is then sent back to the main game, having hopefully won many multipliers and prizes.

Wagering Limits

Conan the Barbarian online slot allows for a minimum bet of .05 and a maximum bet of 5.00. The maximum amount of coins that can be used is nine, one coin per line, and there are a total of 34 winning combinations at the top 10 online casinos .

The maximum amount of money per spin is 45. The biggest jackpot is obtained through 5 Thoth-Amon symbols for a payout of $3,750. The second biggest jackpot is obtained through 5 Thulsa Doom symbols for a payout of $1,250. Just as with online blackjack for real money has to offer, the player can win the third biggest jackpot of $1,000 by getting either 4 Conan symbols or 5 ace or helmet symbols. If the player gets 5 Conan symbols on an active payline, they will win the progressive jackpot!