Big Ben Online Slot’s Basic Details for Players

Big Ben is an online casino slot machine game, created by Aristocrat. It features a theme based around London and United Kingdom culture, with a focus on Big Ben. The player must, as with all slot machine games, make a wager and spin the five reels in hopes of creating a winning sequence. This can be done by matching icons with each other in a row, or, if betting on more then one line, sequences can be created throughout the viewing area on multiple lines. To open more lines, a player need simply make a larger opening wager, which will unlock the extra lines and allow for more chances at winning. More detailed explanation on this can be found via the info button located near the bottom of the screen.

United Kingdom Culture Icons

Following with the theme, all the icons in the Big Ben online slot machine game are related to the United Kingdom. The icons include a Union Jack flag, a Royal Guard, a red bus, a street lamp, and the sign for a traditional tavern. If these icons match, they payout, with a greater payout made depending on the value of the icons matched. The classic one to ten, plus jack, queen, king icons of classic slot machines, are also included. There are also bonus icons, which, when falling into a sequence, will give major bonuses and extra payouts. Read on to find out more about bonuses and special features.

Get More with Bonuses

In the Big Ben online game, the Royal Guard icon acts as a wild card. This means that he may match with any other icon and create a winning sequence, standing as substitute for a missing icon. The Royal Guard will animate when he is triggered. The clock tower icon, which will also animate when triggered, is the scatter, or bonus icon. If triggered by matching with itself at least three times, it will give the player a number of free spins. These spins are determined by how many times the clock chimes, and will play out automatically, granting double winnings with each march made. There is also a possibility to win even more free spins, which can compound and create a huge payout.

Play for Free or Real

This game can be played for free, for as long as the player wishes. In order to do so, simply open the game and you will automatically be given an amount of free currency. If the free currency runs out, you may simply exit the game, and re-enter for more free currency. If wishing to play for real money, please log in to your online account and ensure that funds are available. If you wish to add funds, please do so via the deposit funds button. Remember that these funds will be accessible via any playing platform, as long as you log in with the same account details. For more help on adding funds to your account, contact the customer support centre of the website at which you play.