Having Online Slot Machine Fun in Choy Sun Doa

Choy Sun Doa, created by Aristocrat, is an online slot machine game. It is played by spinning the five reels, and hoping that the icons create matching sequences when the reels stop. If a matching sequence is created, the player will be granted a payout, based on which sequences have been created. Bonus icons can match to grant free spins, or huge bonus payouts. This game can be played for free, with virtual currency, or for real money. It is designed to be compatible with modern mobile devices, utilising a user interface that has one-touch functionality. You may also play directly via an internet browser on a home computer or laptop. If playing in a browser please ensure that you have the Flash software installed.

Traditional Chinese Culture

Choy sun Doa is based around traditional Chinese culture, using icons that are both beautifully designed and very easily recognisable. Some of these icons include a carp, a golden coin, a jade bracelet and more. If matched, these icons will grant payouts and bonus features. Other icons used include the classic one to ten, plus jack, queen, king of playing cards. Remember that multiple lines can be played in this game, and that sequences need not be directly beside one another to match. The player must, however, unlock these lines by betting on them. This means that more must be paid to play, but that there are far more chances of getting a winning sequence. More information about this can be found via the info button located near the bottom of the screen. You may also contact the websites customer support centre for canadianonlineslots.net.

Bonus Payouts and Special Wins

In Choy Sun Doa the Chinese noble tile is this games wild icon, which means that it may match with any other tiles or icons to create a bonus winning sequence. You may, for example, match the five icon once with itself, and once with the Chinese noble to create a matching sequence of three fives. Furthermore, if the Chinese noble matches with the carp, the player will be granted free spins. The colour of the carp dictates how many free spins are given, and there is a possibility to win even more free spins during this sequence. The golden traditional crown is the bonus icon, and if matching with itself three times will result in amazing payouts. Please note that the Chinese noble may not match with the bonus symbol.

User Friendly Interface

The player may follow how the game is progressing in Choy Sun Doa with just a quick glance to the bottom of the screen. The account balance is quickly visible, plus how many lines are currently bet on, and the bet. The wagering amount may be changed via the plus and minus buttons like setting punts in Canadian online casino slots. Note also the autoplay button, which, when tapped, will allow an automatic spin sequence. Automatic spins will play out with no input necessary from the player, but will stop if a major win is achieved. The max button, beside the current bet window, will put all bets to maximum if touched.