Mobile betting Australia

Mobile Betting Australia Options for Kiwis

Both Australia and NZ share a love of rugby. So it stands to reason the NZ punters would be quite familiar with the goings on in the Australian Rugby world. It is for this very reason that we find mobile betting Australia sites so popular on the local betting scene.

During the long rugby season Australia and NZ often meet up against one another as opponents in the Super Rugby format of the game. It is in these meetings that many bets are placed between Australia and NZ betting spheres.

This is a fantastic sport to place a wager on and there is certainly no lack of events throughout the year. The competition really starts to heat up as the teams gradually progress through the season. It really does get better and better.


Surprisingly, many NZ punters find themselves betting on the A-League football scene. It’s certainly an entertaining competition and it offers up some compelling wager opportunities.

Mobile betting Australia websites have you covered in this regard as they offer comprehensive odds, tips and data analysis often in one convenient location. A quick internet search reveals a multitude of reliable service providers so there is a solution for everyone looking for online betting.

Horse Racing

There are also some excellent horse racing events to take advantage of in Australia. The W.S Cox Plate, Melbourne Cup and Caulfield Guineas are just 3 of the world class events that punters can find through their preferred mobile betting Australia horseracing apps.

It goes without saying that some of the purses to be had during the annual racing calendar are simply breath taking.  It is therefore a great idea to take a peek at the Australian racing scene and place a wager.

Supported Platforms

We will briefly touch on a few options available to the technically minded and even some for the technophobes. There are plenty of mobile betting Australia apps on the market, these are really easy to find in your respective phone manufacturers software repositories or app stores.

For the less adventurous there are even some legacy text betting services that allow for a simple and direct approach by sending a short message to place a bet.

Many of these options are available for cell phones, PDAs, laptops and tablets which means that punters will always find a great opportunity to place a wager.

Mobile Betting App Characteristics

When searching for the most popular mobile betting Australia apps or Australian betting sites, one will find certain criteria being met that makes for an elegant yet simplified punting experience. Users will often comment in your particular app store under the application’s rating in the form of a personal review.

The most common plus factors noted by reviewers are generally: features that simplify and even automate the betting process, feature sets that are intuitive and easy to learn and use, uncluttered and tidy interfaces and good odds, to name but a few important criteria.

It’s advisable to try a few different applications before you settle on a favourite, each vendor offers their own incentives to punters so it’s a good idea to look around.