The Future Of Voice Controlled Casino Games

In today’s world technology is making drastic leaps and strides. Just about everything can be done from a smartphone, and the majority of smartphones are now also controllable via voice commands. This adds an enormous amount of convenience and flexibility to a device, especially considering that most apps also work via voice. It makes sense then that some online casinos are also providing voice control options.

But how exactly do voice controlled casinos work, and how does it fundamentally change the experience. More to the point; will it be required?

How Voice Controls Work

Apple introduced the popular Siri application, which now comes standard, built into every device. The idea of Siri is that it can be talked to as if a real human, and is able to operate the phone on behalf of a user. Siri was quickly followed by Alexa, and Google Home, which work in more or less the same way.

These voice operated applications, very simply, are able to utilise functions that are available on a device. As to how useful this is really does depend on the user, and the circumstances. However, most quickly found that manually using a device is still faster than speaking. In fact, the only real instance in which voice controls are useful is when driving.

However, voice controls have become extremely important to those who are disabled, and require voice commands to make use of technology. This is where voice operated casinos are most useful.

How Does It Work?

There are currently only a handful of online casinos that have implemented voice controls, including Wild Tornado Casino, and Paddy Power. Paddy Power integrated Amazon Alexa into their services in 2017, while Wild Tornado did so soon after in 2018.

The voice controls work in exactly the same way as Siri and Alexa in other circumstances, allowing a user to simply state what it is they would like to do, and the virtual assistant making the action on their behalf. Commands such as ‘spin,’ or stating a specific betting amount, work.

Unibet also implemented voice controls, though primarily focuses on sports betting, as opposed to slots or other casino games.

Is This The Future?

It seems likely that most online casinos will integrate some sort of voice control option, at some point to Though given that it has been a relatively slow adoption rate so far, it may still take some time.

As already said, although this feature is useful, it is only useful in limited circumstances, or to very specific groups of people. Those who make use of these options can go to some of the above mentioned casinos to make use of the technology.

Most still find that using their hands is the far better, and quicker option. After all, online casinos are more streamlined and user friendly than ever before, which means that with just one or two taps a game can be started, and reels can be spinning. By comparison, speaking the commands to make this happen would have taken considerably longer.