Why Many Casino Fans Favour Casino Blue Games

Research has demonstrated that all over the world, the majority of people asked to pick a favourite colour will choose blue. For those who believe in luck (and that includes the vast majority of casino games players), their favourite colour is also their lucky colour, so once again; blue is the most popular choice.

A lot of casino enthusiasts, whether they play in land-based casinos or at online and mobile sites, will make sure they are always wearing something blue while they’re gaming: a lucky garment, an accessory or a piece of jewellery. In some casino games, like roulette, different colours do not indicate different chip values; players are issued chips of a single colour primarily so that the croupier can identify winning players correctly by their chip stacks.

Some players would rather open an empty roulette table than join one already in play, if the blue chips have already been assigned to another player at the open table. Because so many keen gaming fans associate blue with good luck, a lot of mobile casino also include the colour in their land-based casino décor, or in the design of the backgrounds, chips and gaming fixtures on online and mobile sites. There is even a commercial paint shade called “casino blue”, a soft hue hovering between a pastel and a jewel colour, with a hint of grey creating a peaceful, subdued impact.

Psychological Effects and Colour Therapy

In gemstone lore, the blue sapphire is considered a lucky gemstone because it is believed to promote financial well being. As a result, sapphires are also thought by many to be lucky jewels to wear while playing casino games mostly the best online roulette in New Zealand.

The blue sapphire is also the birthstone of individuals born in September, many of whom consider it a doubly lucky gem to wear while playing at a casino as a result. Not enough scientific research has been done into the effects of colour perceptions on human psychology to satisfy the empiricists, but those of a more mystical disposition believe we simply haven’t worked out how colours affect humans yet, and that we will not be able to recognise empirical data until we do. Nevertheless, countless practitioners have noted anecdotally that the colours in a person’s environment definitely affect their moods.

There is even a branch of alternative healing called colour therapy, which seeks to use colour to balance human emotions and heal ailments that are thought to be the result of untreated psychological stress. As opposed to red, which calls up images of danger and excitability in almost all subjects, whatever their cultural conditioning, blue is seen equally universally as a calming, tranquil colour. Colour therapy practitioners use blue to promote peaceful awareness, reflective tranquillity, intuitive wisdom, rational guidance, enhanced memory and financial acumen in their subjects: these are all character traits that serve a keen casino games player well.

Blue’s Value Built into the Language

In casino games like poker, in which different players’ chips are never mixed up enough to cause confusion over who placed which bets, players can receive chips in a variety of colours; each colour representing a different denomination. In the earliest casino poker kits, the highest-value poker chips were blue.

This is the origin of the phrase that stockbrokers use to describe stocks that are almost certainly going to produce a healthy return: “blue-chip investments”. The association between successful casino adventures and the colour blue has thus entered the language itself.