Find Out All Types of Bingo Games

Did you know that there are a whole host of types of Bingo games? A common association is the bingo halls of old, but since it moved online, sharing in the excitement is so much more accessible. There are many different and interesting types of Bingo you can play online, so read on to find out more.

We’ll focus on the main and best-known types of Bingo. The rules for all these types have the same basis: marking off numbers on game cards, however there are notable differences between them.

30 Ball Bingo

Also known as speed bingo, this game is very quick as there are only 30 balls in play. Game cards have nine numbers in a 3×3 square. The first player to mark off all nine numbers wins the prize. 30 Ball Bingo is gaining in popularity, but you won’t find it at all sites.

75 Ball Bingo

This is the most popular Bingo game in the United States and at most sites, you’ll find many variations of it.

Game cards have 25 squares in a 5×5 grid. The centre square is empty and each of the others contain a number. At the top of each column the letters B I N G O appear, and each column contains a specific range of numbers. Under the B you’ll find numbers 1-15, under I you’ll find 16-30 and so forth.

Traditionally, the first player to mark off a full line of numbers, horizontally, vertically or diagonally, wins. Nowadays however there are different patterns that can result in a win and these vary from one game to another.

80 Ball Bingo

This type was developed especially for playing online. A great many players enjoy and so again you’re likely to find variations at most sites.

Game cards have 16 squares in a 4×4 grid, with a number in each square and as the name suggests, 80 balls in play. As with 75 Ball Bingo, each column is reserved for a particular range of numbers. The variation of this type that you’re playing will dictate the patterns required to win. Some are horizontal, some vertical and others the four corners.

90 Ball Bingo

Among many players in the United Kingdom and Australia, 90 Ball Bingo is the game of choice. You should find at least a few variations on most sites. While it’s not complicated, there is slightly more structure than the others in that it includes three rounds.

Game cards contain 15 numbers randomly spread across three rows and nine columns. Again, each column has only numbers from a specific range. With 90 balls in play, the first column can contain 1-9, the second 10-19 and so on.

For the first round, the first player to mark off a full horizontal line wins. For the second round, it’s the first player to complete two horizontal lines and the prize is a slightly larger. The winner of the third round is the player who is first to mark off all their numbers. The third-round prize is the largest.

As with the other types, you will find variations on these traditional rules.