The Beauty Of Baccarat And Why We Love It

Having a plan is great. Most players at least one strategy they stand by, no matter what, the reason being that it works for them. But there’s also a lot to be said for luck. A love for playing games often goes hand in hand for a certain appreciation for luck. This appreciation for luck isn’t the easiest of concepts to explain to someone who doesn’t enjoy playing gambling games. And yet, to those of us who have a ‘connection’ with luck, it’s the most natural thing in the world. This connection runs like a silver thread all throughout humanity and it’s to be found in everything we do. We even refer to being ‘lucky in love’! And so, it’s no surprise then that Baccarat, a game based 100% purely on luck and chance, is the number one casino game in the world today.

The game traces its colourful history all the way back to Italian and French gambling salons. And its never, not even once, fallen into disfavor with players or casinos since. The past 35 or so years have seen Baccarat rise to glory and today, it’s a game operators and players (and this dynamic includes online operators and online players) alike are flocking to in their droves.

Baccarat Loves Players today is even more popular than slots – and oh, how we do love slots! Considering that there are literally tens of thousands more slots than Baccarat tables around the world, this is saying something. The game’s popularity has much to do with the house edge. Baccarat’s house edge is only 1.2% on player hands, and 1.1% on banker hands. This means that a player can potentially win a ton of cash from a small bet by comparison.

In fact, it’s a game historically famous for ‘favouring’ the player. The risk to the casino is at least 100 times the average bet played in Baccarat. Which is probably why the game has migrated from tuxedoed dealers and a James Bond parade to tables closely resembling that of Blackjack table. The game is attraction enough and so there’s no need for all that dressing up.

Simple And Straightforward

Baccarat is simple. There’s no hitting and standing involved for the player – the entire game is based on a set of pre-determined rules. And these are simple too. The player chooses whether to bet on the ‘player’ or the ‘banker’ hand. The dealer will then deal either two or three cards, a decision based pre-determined rules. The object is to get ‘closer’ to a result of 9 than that of the opposite hand, i.e. the hand not bet on. If the total of the player’s cards is above 9, then the first digit falls way. For e.g., 7 plus 6 equals 13 – the 1 will be dropped, leading to an end-result of 3.

Its only ever up to the player to make two simple decisions: which hand to bet on and how much to wager. Simple and enjoyable; that’s Baccarat.