Online Three Musketeers Slot Play Now For Free

Inspired by the novel written by Alexandre Dumas, Three Musketeers slot is a 5 reel, 20 payline online slots game with a strong theme of adventure. Featuring the dynamic musketeers themselves, the game comes with plenty of extra content to keep players satisfied, such as free spins, multipliers, and expanding wilds. Three Musketeers slot is set against a colourful background, where bushes of roses and forests add to the theme of the Canadian online slots game.

Along with the classic letters found on most symbols, the game has a range of different symbol characters, each one with a different value. Players can find Porthos, Aramis, and Athos during the free spins bonus. The musketeers themselves are wilds that grant special bonuses to gameplay.

Playing Three Musketeers Slot

Upon choosing the bet that suits the player best, starting Three Musketeers slot can be done with either the play or autoplay buttons. Once started, the reels will spin and come to a halt at random, and certain combinations can be completed depending the position of certain symbols in relation to other symbols. The game features a paytable option that allows players to see the different combinations available, as well as other information about the game. The game can be sped up greatly by using the fast play feature, which added together with autoplay can build up a series of wins incredibly quickly while the player sits back and relaxes.

Three Musketeers Slot Free Spins

During play, players can land special symbols that resemble the hilts of the fencing swords the musketeers use. When three of these symbols land, the player receives an instant 3x to any winnings, as well as ten free spins. While the free spins bonus is active, symbols will nudge each other up and down, and can mean combination completions that were not possible previously. The musketeers are also available during the free spins bonus, and are wild symbols that span an entire reel, granting a substitute for all symbols, as well as other musketeers. The free spins bonus is an excellent way to increase the winnings multiplier.

Three Musketeers Slot Jester Wilds

Three Musketeers slot also features the jester wilds, which are special wilds that can fill an entire reel. Depending on how much of the reel is filled by a jester wild, a multiplier of between 1x and 3x is awarded to the player’s winnings. While the free spins bonus is much rarer than the other wilds, the jester wilds occur often enough that the player can make a series of small wins in a short period of time. Jester wilds can potentially multiply winnings by up to 4x.

Three Musketeers Slot in Summary

Players that are fans of both mobile pokies in NZ and the classic novel by Alexandre Dumos will find this the perfect slot game to fit their needs. Easy to learn, extremely smooth, fast gameplay coupled with a variety of bonus content makes Three Musketeers Slot one of the best slot games in the Quickspin games library.