Sevens High Slot Game Created By Quickspin Gaming

Sevens High slot is a straightforward, simple online slots game created by Quickspin gaming. The game has 3 rows, 5 reels, and 25 paylines. Sevens High slot is traditional in many regards, with all symbols found in the game being based on classic slot symbols, such as fruit, the lucky 7, bells, and more. Along with the traditional symbols, the game has a classic aesthetic, featuring a shiny and glossed general theme.

Sevens High slot can be found free on many online casinos, and is the perfect game for both enthusiasts and casual players. While a traditional slot game at its core, Sevens High slot also mixes it up a bit with bonus features, such as the Wild Meter that can be found to the left of the reels.

Sevens High Slot Layout

Quickspin slot games are almost identical in their design as far as interaction is concerned. All options, including betting and spinning, can be found along the bottom of the screen. To the far right, players can find the manual spin button, with an autoplay option underneath. The autoplay allows players to set a number of spins that will start automatically after each round, with a maximum of 1000 and a minimum of 10. To the left of the play buttons is the winnings display, where all total winnings will be displayed for the player as wins are landed.

Bets can be made with the┬ásites tab, where a wide range of different betting amounts is on offer. Players should note that the amount chosen as a bet will correspond directly with the amount of potential winnings per line, which can be seen to the left in a small, white box that shows the multiplier per line. Balance and bet lines are available as well, and settings such as fast play can be toggled depending on the player’s choice.

Sevens High Slot Bonus Features

To the left of the reels is a Wild Meter, which is unique to Sevens High slot. Every time a Canadian Gambling player lands a win during a spin, this meter will fill up a little. Every subsequent win will cause the meter to fill up more, with the goal of reaching the 7s in the meter. Upon reaching a 7, the same 7 found on the reels will be highlighted and become a wild symbol, and having all 7s at once will cover the reels in wilds, meaning a huge multiplier to any winnings. While attempting to fill the meter up, losing a spin will cause the meter to drop back down to zero.

Sevens High slot also features special scatter symbols that can be landed at random. Landing three of these special wilds at one time will award the player with ten free spins initially. With the free spins in play, the meter will fill up with every win, and won’t drop down to zero as long as there are still free spins, making it much easier for players to fill up the Wild Meter.

Sevens High Slot Conclusion

Sevens High slot comes packed with fast-paced actions, plenty of traditional gameplay, and extra features. Players will find hours of entertainment in Sevens High slot.