Popular Bets for Cricket Matches and Tournaments

In today’s constantly evolving world it pays to keep learning, and this can be taken literally when it comes to educating yourself on the different kinds of wagers it’s possible to make at the various online bookmakers available. Get some ideas of where to put your money before the next Cricket match or series begins and who knows? The key to your next big win could be nestling somewhere in this article!

Batsman Match Bets

The Batsman Match wager is one of the easier stakes to take part in when it comes to issues of the hitter. Here you will be given two players to select from. Just choose the one that you think will score more runs than the other during the game.

Bowler Match Bets

If you are hunting for a less demanding version of the Top Bowler wager, check out the Bowler Match stake. With these https://australiansportsbetting.net/internet/ bets, you will have to choose from the two players given by the sportsbook and need to decide which one will take more wickets in the match or series.

Over/Under Score

This is a very popular bet for Cricket lovers, which begins with the bookmaker posting a total score that they think the team in question will have achieved by the end of a match or series. Your job is to decide on whether the actual score will come in Over or Under this number.

The Series Winner

One of the many things fans of the sport love about Cricket is that series are so popular and, instead of playing just one game, teams will often play many only for the winner to be decided at the very end. The Series Winner wager is one that takes advantage of this fact and asks you to choose which of the two teams given by the bookmaker will end up triumphing when everything is said and done. It’s important to take the long view with this stake because you’re choosing the winner for the whole series and not just one lucky game.

The Team of the Top Batsman

If you are hesitant about choosing a particular player to be the Top Batsman but know that one team features many athletes who could easily take this prize, then this is the bet for you. It’s a little easier to win since all you need to do is choose the squad with the most possibilities. The fact that your choices are narrowed down to tow helps too since this immediately makes the wager that much easier to win!

The Tournament Outright Winner

This stake is a great option if you know a lot about Cricket, the various teams, and the players that make up these squads. You’ll be trying to predict the winner of the tournament here, and you simply need to indicate which squad you think this will be. When you’re ready to put your money down, the sportsbook will have a list of the associated lines for all the teams taking part in the tournament and you just need to pick one to win.