Betting Types for Cricket Fans

No matter what your level of experience is in betting on Cricket, it is always a good idea to know more about what kind of wagers you can place at online bookmakers. People, as a rule, tend to defer to what they already know, but, when expanding your base of knowledge could potentially mean more money in your bank account, we heartily recommend you get to it!

Completed Match

When it comes to One Day Matches, you can stake on whether or not the game will get finished that day or not. Say, for example, you think that the weather, or some other outside factor, could have an impact on the timeline of a match. This is the perfect setting for betting that the match will not be able to run its course. For this wager, you will merely need to indicate Yes or No to the question of if the game will finish on the day that it has been scheduled to take place.

Innings Runs

For this stake, you will be tasked with trying to correctly guess the number of runs that will be scored in the first innings of the Cricket game. At most online bookmakers you will find this bet as an Over/Under wager. If this is the case, the sportsbook will have posted a number of runs and you will then simply stake on if you think that the actual amount of runs that gets scored will be more or less than this total.

Match Betting

Match Wagering is the most common form of stake in Cricket. It is a straightforward bet which requires only that you choose from one of the three different possible outcomes. Will the game end with the home team winning, the away team taking first place, or in a draw? That is all there is to it! The simplicity of this wager is what makes it so popular, and your knowledge of the game, players, and teams taking part plays a big role in its success.

Tied Match

This is another very simple stake where you will merely be asked to bet Yes or No in answer to the question of if the match will end in a draw. Choose wisely and you will win!

Top Batsman

This bet is great for people who know a lot about particular players. You will need to choose which athlete you think will score the highest during a single match or a series. You will be able to select from those on either team and, because winning this one is a little harder than just correctly guessing which team will win, it carries with it bigger payouts for those who manage to get it right.

Top Bowler

If you like wagering on individuals, then consider the Top Bowler stake. Here you will be selecting the athlete that you feel will take the most wickets during a match or a series. It is up to you to decide who this will be, and if you choose properly your online betting account will reflect this happy fact!