Checking Out the best NFL Stake Options

Are you a big fan of the National Football League and ready to put your money where your mouth is? Then you will be happy to hear that there are some very interesting bet options to be enjoyed.

NFL Moneyline Wagers

This is a very popular way to stake on NFL games thanks in large part to how incredibly easy they are. The only thing you will be focussing on here is which team will win, but these bets are not 50/50 propositions. In the same way as it works with Spread wagering, the teams are not even and a method to account for that has to be found. In Moneylines, rather than expectations being adjusted, payouts are.

Teams get assigned numbers which represent the payout relating to a wager on that squad. This number will also tell you which one is likelier to win, or perceived as such, and negative numbers are associated with the favourite. If the New England Patriots are at -305 and the Dallas Cowboys are at +220, the Cowboys are the underdogs.

The major thing to bear in mind when winning these bets is that your team must win for you to collect. Also, the payout correspondent to your wager is scaled to the probability of your team triumphing. This means you will often walk away with a lot less, even if you picked the winner.

Let us say you bet AU$1 on the Cowboys and the win. You will get AU$2.20 along with the AU$1 you bet for a total payout of AU$3.20. If you did the same with the Patriots, you will get AU$0.33 back on your AU$1 wager if they win, for a total of AU$1.33. The real opportunity in Moneyline stakes is using your knowledge to find bets where the risk reflected in the odds is less than the risk in reality.

NFL Over/Under Bets

Now let us say that you are not that interested in wagering on a particular team, but rather want to do so on the game as a whole. Over/Under NFL stakes let you bet on the total points scored in the game, not the winner.

We have got the Green Bay Packers playing against the New York Giants and you see O37.5(-115) and U37.5(-115). The numbers after the O and the U differentiate the Over and Under totals and the teams don’t matter. You can wager that the total points earned by both squads will be over 37.5 points or under that amount, and both outcomes will pay out at -115.

There is no favourite here and you will simply be getting AU$0.87 on a winning AU$1 bet, which is how the house will make its money. Both sides of the wager pay like betting on a favourite would, but one wager earns AU$0.87 and the other loses AU$1. Although they are more conservative, these stakes can come in useful if you think a match will be very defensive or very offensive.